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Goat Purchase Agreement


Please read before putting a deposit down on one of our goats!

    Good homes are a top priority for us.  We will respectfully ask questions regarding any potential new home. 

    Once we receive a deposit, we will hold the goat(s) until the agreed date for pickup.  If the goat(s) have not been picked up by or on the agreed date, and if new arrangements have not been made and agreed upon, deposit is forfeited and goat(s) will be made available for sale.

If we are unable to fill your reservation, deposit can be refunded or rolled into next kidding season.

    All goats must be paid for in full before leaving the farm.

    We are not responsible for any health issues that arise after a goat's departure from our farm.  We make every effort to thoroughly disbud baby goats, however scurs happen; no refund of deposit or monies paid in full will be given if buyer cancels sale due to scur growth before or after pickup.

    We will not sell single goats to homes without other goats; goats need goat buddies.

Bottle babies will be sold only to buyers already experienced with bottle raising. 

We reserve the right to retain any goat.

Buyer is responsible for any health certificate cost, and test(s) required for any state entry after pickup. 

    We will ask questions regarding transport and we will work with reputable options.  Please make sure you have safe, secure accommodations for goat transport; it can be a stressful process for goats.  Transport methods must be weather-appropriate. 


**A dog crate in the back of a pickup that is not secured is NOT acceptable.**


  Lastly, by putting a deposit down on a goat, you are agreeing to have read and understood this purchase agreement.

Thank for considering us for your next goat purchase!

5M Mini Nubians, LLC.

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