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Please refer to the drop down section under "Does" tab on the Menu to view each doe's information.

Our Does

    We spend a lot of time with our girls - they are the heartbeat of the farm. 

    Aside from all the loving care they are given, we also provide them with the best nutrition possible, which includes:

  • free-choice alfalfa hay,

  • fresh browse,

  • organic high-quality loose minerals, and

  • our own mixture of grain during lactation, fed on the milk stand. 

    We are often asked about vaccinations and medications.

    While we always keep a well-stocked conventional medicine cabinet, it's only used if absolutely necessary, and we no longer give vaccinations. 

    We use an herbal parasite formula, mixed with essential oils, weekly (or sometimes daily, depending on the weather) for parasite control. 

    Herd management, such as cleaning stalls and raking the "hang out" areas often are key to herd health. 


We have found that using as many natural and holistic options as possible has resulted in vibrant, healthy, happy goats!

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