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  Camelot Cattle CO Nutmeg
    ADGA Registered Purebred Nubian Doe
                    There She Is x Kiko
                     6-27-14 to 5-18-23

Nutmeg is a lovely, sweet, doe with a wonderful personality and this girl comes from milk! Nutmeg peaks in production at 12 pounds, has a soft pliable udder with large orifices. She is an easy keeper, and maintains beautiful body condition.

Sadly in the spring of 2023 we had to say good bye to this sweet girl, but her legacy lives on in our herd.


Nutmeg's References

Nubilop-Acres There She Is

Nutmeg's Dam --->


Cozy Creek Camelot Kiko EX90

Nutmeg's Sire --->

Kiko References 2.jpg.opt625x456o0,0s625

Photo credit to Camelot Cattle Company

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