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Home of high quality dairy goats, and fresh milk!

We're a small farm doing big things in southwest Missouri! We are combining some of the best bloodlines in the country to have goats with stellar milk genetics, great conformation, and sweet personalities! We disease test yearly and utilize a holistic approach in caring for our herd.  

We officially have Top Ten production genetics  in our herd,  both Nubian AND Mini Nubian!

Our entire herd is G6S normal!

Fresh Milk

Our milk is delicious as-is, but can also be used in any of your favorite recipes at home.

The question we are most asked about our goat milk is, "what can you do with it besides drink it?" Our answer, "everything!" And we are happy to pass on a few ideas and tips under our "Raw Milk" page in the menu above. 

To find out how to purchase this fresh, delicious, super food, visit the "Raw Milk" page!

Why MiniNubians?


MiniNubians are two beautiful breeds of dairy goats, Nubian/Nigerian Dwarf, blended together to produce a mid sized dairy goat that can produce 2/3 the amount of milk on about half the feed. That, combined with their charming personalities and easy to handle size, make them the perfect family milker, or efficient addition to your dairy string!


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