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Goat Milk Soap & Lotion

Creamy, raw goat milk and carefully sourced ingredients make our soaps and lotions the epitome of high quality! The velvety smooth lather of our soap will take any bath or shower to the next level. Our products are pure clean beauty and very affordable. One bar can replace body wash, facial cleaner and in some cases shampoos.                            





Soap $7 each or 3 for $20
Lotion $12 each 8 oz. bottle

              Apple Sage


Customer favorite with both men and women, we even cater to our horse lovers with our beautiful horse head design! You'll love the notes of apple, sage, pineapple, and coconut water. 

Oatmeal Milk & Honey


Decadent and soothing notes of raw honey, tonka bean, whipped vanilla cream and almond, a warm lovely fragrance.



Our Unscented Milk and Honey soap is made with our creamy goat milk and local raw honey. Pair with our unscented silky smooth goat milk lotion!

Chamomile & Lavender


 Each bar is a soothing blend of chamomile and lavender oils just waiting to help you relax and give you a restful nights sleep.



Black Raspberry Vanilla


This bar is a sweet mix of bergamot, pear, plum wine, vanilla, orchid, cashmere and musk. Available in the running horse design or round disc bar.

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